#Proyectos Caminante #Fertility Diary

#14 #Proyectos Caminante #Fertility Diary


Fertility Diary n.3
limited edition, 50 copies
risography and silkscreen
hand bound

for sale!

+ 2 colour screenprinted bags

project and realisation: Catarina Santos e Cristiana Santos
text: Cristiana Santos and Catarina Capela
book design, cover and illustrations: Catarina Santos

for further details and orders email us:
catarinaa.satoss@gmail.com and cristianamsantos@hotmail.com
kas.kaminska@gmail.com (for orders in Poland)

This diary is meant to be an inspiration, a call for women to listen and connect to their bodies, its signs and nature. Understanding the menstrual cycle is essential to help us learn, plan for, and make choices about our personal well-being, mood, exercise and naturally, our sex life.
As we connect with ourselves, we connect with our environment and what surrounds us. As we observe Nature, the moon phases and the passing of the seasons, we connect with our free spirit and full potential; we listen and co-create. Inspired by plants and their power, we encourage you to pay attention, take care and to nurture yourself. In order to do so, you need to fully understand and believe.



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